Looking for
the cheapest or nearest station?

You can view the cheapest and closest stations according to your location in the location you specify. You can filter by brand and features.

App Review

View Stations

You can view the stations in 2 different ways, as map and list view, according to the fuel type you choose.

Station Details

You can sort the stations according to the bird's-eye distance to your current or selected location, or according to the most convenient.

Filter Stations

You can filter the stations by distance, features, brand and fuel type according to the location you choose.

Find the station you need

You can find the most suitable stations for you by using filters such as fuel type, station feature, company in line with your needs. You can also rank these stations as the cheapest or closest.

Fuel Prices

You can view the cheapest or closest gasoline, diesel, lpg and electricity prices from our application.

Station Filtering

Stations, masjid, toilet, market, etc. many features, you can filter according to criteria such as distance, brand according to the location you choose.

Station Sorting

You can sort the stations according to the closest or cheapest price to your location.

Attribute Set 1

View station details

It can display the features of the station you selected, the types of fuel sold and the prices of these fuels, comments, working hours, contact information and fuel price graphs. You can get directions.

Station Details

You can view station fuel prices, contact information, location and transportation information, features and fuel price history.

Price Chart

You can view the price increase/decrease graph according to the fuel type you choose from the fuels available at the station.

Working Hours

You can view the working hours of the stations on a daily basis.

Attribute Set 2

App features

You can set the Arabalog application theme and language according to your preferences. Fuel hike/discount notifications are sent to you as long as your notification permissions are turned on. You can also calculate the trip cost, consumption per km, etc. from the calculator field.


You can make calculations such as trip cost, km fuel consumption and km fuel cost from the calculator field.


You can customize the application interface according to your preference, including dark and light mode.


You can get raise/discount notifications for fuels.

Attribute Set 3